Christopher Clayton

Assistant Professor of Finance, Yale School of Management

Faculty Research Fellow (IFM), NBER

I do research in international finance and macroeconomics, finance, and macroeconomics. My research topics include geoeconomics and geopolitics, reserve currency internationalization, multinational banking, financial regulation, and monetary policy. I received a PhD in Economics from Harvard University in 2020.



New and Recently Updated

"A Theory of Economic Coercion and Fragmentation" (with Matteo Maggiori, Jesse Schreger), March 2024

"A Framework for Geoeconomics" (with Matteo Maggiori, Jesse Schreger), Jan 2024

A Theory of Dynamic Inflation Targets” (with Andreas Schaab), April 2023
Revise & Resubmit, American Economic Review

Internationalizing Like China” (with Amanda Dos Santos, Matteo Maggiori, Jesse Schreger), Feb 2024
Revise & Resubmit, American Economic Review
NBER WP with further results